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About Us


About Our Ministry

Our mission is to transform street children/orphans for a better future through providing them with good shelter, medication, nutrition, and education.
My name is Nsaduh Umar. I was born in Uganda in 1994. After experiencing the hard life i lived on the streets of Mbale, Uganda after both of my parents passed on in an accident when I was still very young and had nowhere to go apart from living  on the streets.
I have always had a dream of getting my fellow Orphans, young brothers and sisters together for a change in our living like other children in the world. After 10years on the street, in 2016 I started rounding up the young Orphans from the streets of Mbale in Uganda and took them to a two bedroom house which is our home now called “Children Love Uganda Orphanage”.
We are just renting the house. So far we have 39 kids at the orphanage ages 4-14 years old. Not only the rich can help but we can join the effort together in a good heart and save the street Children from living a street life in Mbale.